Comprehensive pricing and payments platform for healthcare

Increase your healthcare organization’s revenue while offering patients an upfront payment and financing option for all estimated services

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Clear Health is at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare cost transparency

Leveraging advanced technology and precise modeling, Clear Health provides patients with straightforward and accurate price discounts for a wide array of medical services.

By empowering patients with clear financial insights, Clear Health is dedicated to reducing the financial burden associated with healthcare, ultimately improving the overall patient experience.

Out With The Old,

In With The New

Traditional Billing Process

Clear Health’s Simplified Process

Clear Health’s Billing Solution

Clear Health’s simplified billing solution offers a more transparent, convenient, and efficient process compared to the traditional method. It not only benefits the hospital by reducing administrative burdens and increasing revenue collection but also enhances the overall experience for patients, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

Platform features

Comprehensive Pricing

At Clear Health, we believe in simplicity. That's why we offer a straightforward, all-inclusive price for both hospital and physician services, presented to patients before their visit.

Effortless Upfront Payment

We make it easy for patients to manage their bills. After receiving an email or text with the offered price, they can conveniently make a payment or explore flexible financing options—all directly from their mobile device or computer.

Accurate Good Faith Estimates with Transaction Capability

For uninsured and self-pay patients, Clear Health equips your staff with powerful tools to generate precise Good Faith Estimates. Our system allows patients to complete transactions directly from the Good Faith Estimate, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Reduce Cost and Accelerate Payments

Clear Health doesn’t just simplify payments; it transforms your revenue cycle. By collecting payments pre-service, we eliminate the need for post-service billing, reducing administrative costs and streamlining operations. Providers can focus on delivering exceptional care, knowing payments are secure and upfront.

Our Vision

At Clear Health, we envision a future where the patient billing experience is seamless, transparent, and hassle-free. We believe in simplifying the complex and bringing clarity to the often-confusing world of healthcare payments.

Simplified Billing Solutions

Gone are the days of endless phone calls, denials, claims, and paper statements. We’re pioneering pricing for hospital and physician services, presenting patients with a clear, all-inclusive cost before their visit.

Empowering Patients

We put the power in the hands of patients. Upon receiving an email or text with their offered price, they can effortlessly manage their bills, make upfront payments, or explore financing options—all directly from their mobile device or computer.

Trust and Accuracy

We provide staff-facing tools to generate precise Good Faith Estimates, ensuring transparency and trust in every financial transaction. What’s more, patients can complete transactions directly from the estimate, guaranteeing 100% accuracy.

Our Commitment

Clear Health is dedicated to revolutionizing the patient billing experience. We’re here to reduce administrative burdens, increase revenue collection, and ultimately, improve the overall healthcare experience for all.

Join us in embracing the future of healthcare billing.

Healthcare revenue is hard. Unlock peak performance and growth with Clear Health

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