Bringing Financial Health to the Healthcare Industry

Clear Health helps patients gain financial clarity while

simplifying the payment process for healthcare providers

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Clear Health helps patients gain financial clarity while

simplifying the payment process for healthcare providers

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Healthcare Payment Platform

Improving the billing experience for patients and hospitals

Clear Health is the only financial patient intake tool that provides an accurate and custom-tailored global discount price for patients with a pre-treatment payment option. Patients get the savings advantage and providers get the peace of mind knowing everything is paid upfront before any treatment costs are invested.

How does it work?

Payment options for patents

Clear Health is a payment platform solution designed specifically for the healthcare industry. It makes it easier for providers to package care options together to facilitate timely and successful customer payments. 

Easy communication between provider and patient

Hospitals can easily contact patients directly through the Clear Health platform via text or email for meaningful and real-time, two-way engagement.

Seamless and automated payment collection.

The payment process is fully automated, so if a patient decides to take advantage of the personalized pricing, the provider doesn’t have to worry about back-end collections.


Achieve revenue enhancement and debt reduction

Providers care deeply about their patients but delayed and defaulted payments are reducing revenue and diverting resources to non-quality of care initiatives.  With Clear Health, Hospitals have an effective method for increasing revenue by avoiding bad debt, all while improving the customer experience.  Patients will appreciate the clear and transparent pricing, and above all, the savings that come with packaged pricing.

The Clear Health Difference

Accurate price discounts

While other payment systems rely on inaccurate estimates, we employ our precise and proprietary modeling to give customers simple and accurate global price discounts.  Patients can easily make financially sound decisions without the stress of typical healthcare billing which increases trust and leads to repeat visits.

Personalized customer experience

With advanced machine-learning capabilities, Clear Health messaging ditches the one-size-fits-all approach and is personalized to meet the specific needs of each patient, which improves patient outcomes and leads to more reliable on-time payments.

Accurate reporting

You’ll have complete oversight of key analytics to determine the effectiveness of your current payment structure, so you can make accurate and meaningful changes. With routine reporting, you’ll always have a clear understanding of how the payment system is functioning and where it can be improved.


Seamless integration

No matter what end-to-end software you’re already running, Clear Health seamlessly integrates into the current workflow and creates a comprehensive customer engagement strategy with pre and post-treatment interactions for optimized results.

What People Are Saying…

"We were struggling with increasing debt as patients were increasingly unable to pay their medical bills due to high deductible insurance plans. Then, we implemented Clear Health and instantly saw our finances improve. Now, many of our patients are paying upfront for better deals which means less bad debt for us."
- Dr. Patel
“The team at Clear Health shares in our commitment to provide our clients with the utmost professionalism and respect. We’ve seen an increase in patient satisfaction since implementing the Clear Health software as our patients time and time again prefer to pay early if it means a better deal on something as burdensome yet essential as healthcare.”
- Dr. Thompson
“Our practice was struggling to keep up with late and delinquent payments from patients who struggled to cover their high-deductible insurance costs. With Clear Health, our patients get the discounts they want and we get the timely payments we need. I’d highly recommend it to any practice.”
- Dr. Smith

A Better Patient Experience

There’s no reason providers have to suffer from unhealthy financials

The healthcare industry is struggling to balance affordable customer care with provider success. Patients are tired of not being able to understand the complexities of healthcare payments, and providers are reeling from bad debt. With Clear Health, payment is simple, effective, and affordable. Your patients will have an accurate discount rate that can greatly increase their savings while ensuring they get the care they need. You will get paid upfront to avoid bad debt accumulation and improve the customer service experience. It’s a win-win!


Ready to improve your payment system?

You and your patients deserve a modern, personalized, and effective payment system. You’ve worked hard to create a great back-end billing experience. With Clear Health, you’ll gain an affordable and streamlined alternative. Contact us today to get started.

About Us

Clear Health is a leading provider of pre-service payment software specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Seeing the increasing cost of healthcare for patients and the stress it puts on healthcare providers, we knew there was a more effective solution than the market was currently offering. That’s why we created the Clear Health software. By calculating accurate bundle discounts for patients and allowing for convenient prepayment, we successfully unburden providers from handling payments while decreasing their bad debt accumulation.


Our Team

The hallmark of any great software is a highly experienced and skilled team. At Clear Health, we’ve built just that. Our team is comprised of remarkable, passionate, talented, and committed professionals. With decades of combined experience in the healthcare industry, we understand what it’s like on the client end of the process. This knowledge gives us the insight to build effective and impactful payment solutions that actually work for real healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

Patients around the country are becoming increasingly frustrated with increased out-of-pocket expenses and convoluted payment systems. This puts providers in a precarious situation. You want to provide the best service for your customers, but you still need to manage timely payments in order to stay afloat. That’s why we’ve made it our mission at Clear Health to make it easier for healthcare providers to accept payments from clients while freeing up more time to focus on meeting the healthcare-related needs of patients.


Our Values


We understand just how sensitive patient information is and how much effort providers put forth to protect this critical data. The Clear Health platform is equipped with advanced cybersecurity to protect your patients and your reputation. On top of that, we employ transparent and uncomplicated pricing, so you know exactly what you’ll pay without having to worry about annoying hidden fees.

Customer Satisfaction

At Clear Health, customer satisfaction isn’t just a metric or a measure of success. It’s a core principle we strive to reach through everything we do. Our software is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into your team’s current workflow for easy implementation. With responsive and knowledgeable help just a quick message, email, or phone call away, you’ll have all the support you need to make the most of Clear Health.


Healthcare, by its very nature, is always improving and innovating. We believe healthcare payment solutions should follow the same trend. That’s why we’re committed to continuously improving the Clear Health software to consistently provide hospitals with streamlined and effective payment solutions. Better yet, these updates will occur automatically without any additional cost to you so your services are constantly improving without having to make more investments.

Interested in learning more about the Clear Health platform or our Team?

Feel free to contact us today. You’ll hear back from one of our knowledgeable representatives within 48 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

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