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We help facilities and providers create instant Good Faith Estimates in a more efficient manner

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Take the stress out of your Good Faith Estimates

Clear Health enables hospitals to generate instant, compliant Good Faith Estimates across facilities and co-providers. Make sure your staff is able to focus on their daily tasks and leave the creation of Good Faith Estimates to us!

Why choose us


Staff members select prepopulated data or onboard new co-providers from within the application in a simple manner, saving time and resources.


Team members and co-providers approve or modify details as needed before sending to patients.


Digitally deliver comprehensive estimates to patients once approved.


Tracking of steps, logging of events, and storing of Good Faith Estimates all at your team’s fingertips.

We help you save time and
money right away!

With the Clear Health Good Faith Estimate Engine, you can save time and effort in generating a single estimate. Practices have reported up to 92% faster completion times! Delivering quality at lightning speed — now that’s something no facility should be without.

Partner with Clear Health to innovate and provide exceptional customer service while meeting your regulatory obligation for Good Faith Estimates!

Ready to save staff resources in creating Good Faith Estimates?

It’s never been easier to fulfill your NSA compliance requirements! Create a secure audit trail for tracking and monitoring purposes with our quick, simple implementation process – ensuring all regulations are met with Clear Health.

Clear Health Advantages

Significant time savings for hospital and provider staff in providing Good Faith Estimates to patients

Automated on-boarding of both facilities and co-providers to the platform.

Real-time tracking of Good Faith Estimate creation for compliance and audits

Good Faith Estimates

Complicated process for facilities to create a compliant Good Faith Estimate

Good faith estimates (GFE) are notifications that outline an uninsured, or self-pay, individual’s expected charges for a scheduled or requested item or service.

Convening facility/provider must contact all co-providers/facilities within 1 business day after scheduling an uninsured patient or receiving a request for a GFE

Each co-provider must complete their portion of the GFE within 24 hours of receiving notice

Achieve peace of mind about your Good Faith Estimates!

Get an instant overview of all Good Faith Estimates with our easy-to-use sorting system! Log in to check progress with visual alerts if deadlines are overdue – and a quick explanation, so you know why.

Ditch the worry and get compliant with this revolutionary platform that stores, sorts, and helps you meet all your GFE timeline requirements – hassle-free!

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